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Our High-quality brake fluids which increase the life of brake pedal brings more power to braking systems. CONTEX brake fluid ensuring a long time for brake pads, cleanness of brake lines. The complete range of hydraulic oils is special designs for all kind of hydraulic systems. The oils made by the advance chemical which also gives more life to master cylinders and other mechanical parts inside the engine to run it smooth and soundless. We produce all our world-class oils by specially selecting purest and virgin mineral oils.

The transmission system of an engine is considered as a backbone, therefore Continental oils make it more special when producing synthetic gear oils and ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) and other transmission products. Few important factors are also kept in mind while our highly trained engineers are in fields which includes boiling point, systematic lubricating car parts, and the complete range of motor oil, high performance, heavy duty and long life. That's what makes us unique in the field of Engine oil lubricants, lubricants suppliers in UAE with all verity of brake fluid made by extreme pressure additives, you may find our products in local stores and car washing centres. By following API standardization we are manufacturing high-quality automotive lubricants industrial lubricants manufacturer in Dubai and base oil suppliers in UAE and exporting worldwide.

Automotive Oils

CONTINENTAL OILS has always been involved in the research and production of high-performance lubricants for all types of engines. Our research and development unit provides continuous updates of the range of lubricants in order to guarantee products that are in line with the increasing specifications of the manufacturer and modern technology. Our Automotive products provide protection in a wide temperature range and adapt to all road conditions.

Agricultural Oils

Our range of agricultural oils and specialty lubricants has evolved significantly over a decade. As one of the Middle East leading lubricants manufacturer in Dubai, we have been delivering lubricant innovation since 2007.  This also includes products such as hydraulic oils, chainsaw oils, compression oils, milking machine & vacuum pump oils and a range of greases tailored for the agricultural sector.

We recognize the importance of your agricultural oil requirements when you need them and we offer a full range of fuels to suit your individual needs, keeping the cogs turning and your machinery running.

Continental oils and lubricants are constantly striving to develop the next generation of products that support the varying demands of a modern farm. It provides wear and tear protection in a wide temperature range and adapts to all road conditions.

Motorcycle Oils

CONTEX Motorcycle Oils are advanced performance fully and semi-synthetic motorcycle oils. Our unique and advanced structure of the CONTEX Motorcycle formulations offers advantages beyond conventional motor oil of similar viscosities currently available in the market. Our all 4 Stroke Engine oils also provide protection against wear tear, long engine life, higher fuel efficiency and outstanding engine cleanness. Our motor oil are designed in a way that helps to reduces exhaust smoke and prevents the build-up of carbon deposits to ensure longer lasting and better-performing engines. CONTEX BIKE OILS provides protection in a wide temperature range and adapts to all road conditions and gives long life to engines.

Gear Oils and Transmission Fluids

Our Gear oils and transmission Fluids are carefully designed for use in a wide range of automatic transmissions in automotive, light-duty trucks and heavy-duty manual transmissions. These products provide protection that meets or exceed the industry's high-class quality standards.

Contex Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF) is formulated to meet the specifications defined by most auto manufacturers including most GM, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, Saturn, Honda/Acura, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Kia/Hyundai, Mercedes, BMW, VW/Audi and other transmissions. These Gear oils provides protection in a wide range of temperature and adapts to all road conditions.

Industrial Oils

Our industrial oils and lubricants are used in a large variety of equipment and applications. This deals with all types of products for the lubrication of industrial machines such as hydraulic oils, turbines, compressors, transformers, bearings, open and closed gears, machine tool slideway, pneumatic tools and industrial transmissions. These hydraulic oils in UAE provide protection in a wide temperature in a wide temperature range and adapt to all road conditions.

Antifreeze Coolants

Continental Oils, Lubricant Supplier in Dubai offers an extensive line-up of antifreeze and coolants that maximize the performance of today's cars, heavy-duty trucks, agriculture equipment, off-road and recreational vehicles, as well as speciality applications.

Contex antifreeze products are formulated using Ethylene Glycol (EG) based chemistry and additives that provide the corrosion protection and long service life required in today's engines with different metallurgies including cast iron, steel, brass, copper, solder and aluminium components.


Our greases are very suitable for general use, as it is based on highly-refined mineral oil and blended with various additives appropriately. Our Greases are designed to lubricate bearings, gears and other equipment components where a continuous supply of oil cannot be retained. Contex offers an extensive line-up of quality grease products, including Lithium Complex, Aluminum Complex, Calcium Sulphonate and Polyurea thickener based greases and other speciality grades.

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